Balls, beads and other turned parts

irma FPH Decodrew production of turned wood.

We produce wooden beads.

Production of wood pellets in typical sizes ranging from Ø 10 mm to 50 mm. Balls of through holes and no looping, the openings of virtually any diameter.
Balls made ​​of wood: beech (beech / plain) or birch, on request of another possible choice of wood. Wooden beads finish: raw, stained, stains & varnish, top coat color, color + top coat clear coat paint połyskowego.
In fact, the exact technique of finishing wooden ball surface can be arbitrary.

Wooden turned to 50mm diameter

Other accessories Turned manufactured by us:
> Wooden Toys items
> Wooden checkers game
> Wood Buttons
> Wood Chips
> Balusters
> Apples, plums, pineapples, acorns, pears, mushrooms, etc..
> Special Items of different applications
> Wooden Furniture knobs
> Handles stamps
> Circle plugs in various shapes and sizes

As in the case of beads, we offer a wide range of ongoing opportunities trim element. We did have a number of unusual items turned from wood for various companies. We have in this area quite a lot of experience.

Turned wooden objects small in diameter and 10 cm.

> Wooden knobs for stamps
> Rozgniatacze spice
> Rolls
> Wooden wringers for fruit
> Bracelets wooden decorations such Decoupage
> Bracelets ready painted> like in the case of beads or other elements.
> Bracelets custom-sized wood
> pestle
> Specialty Items

We also elements in the larger diameters.



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